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Cindy Hayden
Owner, CMT/LMT/Insured

Cindy Hayden established Tahoe Mountain Mobile Massage in 2002. Cindy and her team of insured and licensed therapists bring their heated tables, linens, music and essential oils to their client’s homes, offices and hotels throughout all of North Lake Tahoe, California and surrounding areas. 



Massage services offered


Swedish massage

Swedish massage is a traditional manipulative technique Including sweeping movements, kneading, vibration, friction and percussion. It can be gentle and slow, or vigorous and stimulating, based on the needs and wishes of the recipient.

Deep tissue and
trigger point therapy

Slow, deep pressure on trigger points which are painful concentrations of chemical wastes found in the muscles. These treatments are extremely effective for chronic aches caused by improper muscle use.

Sport massage

Sport Massage is a series of strong, energetic movements to prepare an athlete for contest. It is also used to prevent muscle soreness after an event. It can provide the 'extra edge' in competition.


Lymph Drainage

Lymph Drainage is a technique which helps to cleanse the body. The therapy is a feather touch treatment for swelling. Created by poor lymph circulation in any part of the body. It is effective for many ailments including infections, stress, fatigue, and various gastric problems.


Craniosacral is a very sensitive process working with the meninges and bones of the skull, the base of the vertebrae, and the motion of the cerebrospinal fluid. It improves overall body functioning and relieves long-lived pain, whether emotional or physical. It is especially useful for chronic headaches.


Acupressure is traditional Chinese medicine technique based on the same ideas as acupuncture. Acupressure involves placing physical pressure by hand, elbow, or with the aid of various devices on different acupuncture points on the surface of the body.


Hot stone

Slow, deep pressure on trigger points which are painful concentrations of chemical wastes found in the muscles. These treatments are extremely effective for chronic aches caused by improper muscle use.

Chair massage

Chair massage is excellent for small spaces, office promotions, and special events such as golf tournaments and employee parties. Brought to you in the comfort of your own personal space.



Personalized sessions include

Heated, state-of-the-art massage tables

Customized musical selection

Fresh linens and lotions

Complimentary essential oils and aromatherapy

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What clients are saying


Cindy was great - awesome communication and flexibility around scheduling, and then one of the best massages I’ve ever had. She was in tune with what my body needed and you can tell she understands what you need after a few days of skiing. Will definitely be my first call whenever I’m back in squaw.
— Mark S., Seattle, Washington
Loved every minute of my massage with Cindy. She is great at what she does! Quite healing in every aspect. She is professional, easy to communicate with, and has high quality products as well. Book now!
— Diana D., Menlo Park, California
Cindy always delivers a super experience for me. She has always gone above and beyond since the first time we met in Tahoe (many years ago now). I have many specific needs that most massage therapist normally don’t know how to deal with, but Cindy listened to my needs from day one and has really helped me a lot, then and every time I see her. My medical conditions require a combination of different modalities and she always delivers. I try to see her every time am in Tahoe, as well as when she make trips to the Bay Area where I reside. I highly recommend a visit with Cindy she is an extremely skilled massage therapist. I look forward to every appointment, I know that I always leave her table feeling renewed and ready for a new day.
— Melissa S., South San Francisco, California
Cindy is fantastic - she’s super knowledgeable about specific problems, and can often make a house call on short notice. She’s my go-to when we are in Lake Tahoe!
— John D. Reno, Nevada